Currency Risk

The next scandal in UK Financial Services?

In a recent interview with Proactive Investors, Ben Raven talks about how the last 20 years have seen a fundamental shift away from advisers recommending UK-centric portfolios to a globally diversified approach.

Ben explains that this shift brings with it an increase in the average client’s exposure to overseas markets, and in turn the currency markets. Raven claims this exposure, and the impact it can have on a client’s portfolio returns and portfolio volatility, is often overlooked or at times even misunderstood. Raven subsequently discusses how a client’s portfolio can ultimately become mis-aligned with their attitude-to-risk profile, where the liability lies and the FCA’s stance on portfolio suitability.

“It is the responsibility of an Adviser to identify, understand and sufficiently explain all types of risk to a client prior to recommending an investment.”


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